Heat Pump Installations & Maintenance

Heat pump installations are essential to have in New Zealand homes due to the unpredictability of the weather in our beautiful country. We have thousands hundreds of heat pumps in existing and new homes and have the experience in all kinds of installations, so we will no doubt have the right solution for your home.

Benefits of heat pumps

  • Cost efficiency, long term savings on electricity bills 
  • Very efficient at converting energy to heat 
  • Have long lifespans
  • Provides a medium to fast source of heat
  • Able to provide heating and cooling, perfect for any season


Heat Pump Installations

Underfloor heating

If you have lived in New Zealand for quite some time now, you are probably used to our beautiful country’s random weather changes! It will be hot and suns blazing, next thing you know its suddenly raining and your home feels cold and frosty. So whether it be New Zealand being New Zealand or our usual cold winter nights, it would be great to have underfloor heating installed in your home to keep your family and yourself warm and cosy. As a bonus, underfloor heating heavily reduces aggravating dust around the house. 

Installing underfloor heating may sound complex and difficult but, in reality it is quite simple if you leave it to our well trained professional electricians. All you need to is inform us about what type of floor types you have In your house. Don’t worry about your hardwood floor, tiles or carpet getting damaged as we ensure safety of your property. We do have selectable flooring options. So, you can choose a single room or numerous rooms in your home to be installed with underfloor heating. A popular selection by clients have been to install underfloor heating for their kitchens which usually have tiles or hard wooden floors. 

Not entirely sure about which heating option is best for your home? Contact us and we can find the best solution for you. We are happy to discuss the advantages of both heating solutions and provide you with affordable prices.