Health & Safety

At Power People Electrical we are dedicated to continuously improve our health and safety standards by establishing safe work methods and practices and by complying with all legislative requirements, codes of practice and safe operating procedures that are relevant to our workplace.

It is our primary focus to provide a safe work environment for our staff and to conduct our business using the safest procedures to ensure there is no risk to our electricians or to the public.

We have invested heavily in health and safety and have developed our own health and safety policy which we enforce to maintain the high standards we have set. We are proud members of SiteSafe and SiteWise as these organizations share in our commitment to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our stakeholders.

Health & Safety Committee

Our teams approach to health and safety is proactive where there is regular training and sharing of ideas for continuous improvement in this critical aspect of our business. In order to encourage constant improvement with our health and safety standards and procedures we have a company appointed health and safety committee consisting of office staff and field technicians. The committee’s mission is to promote and improve upon our health & safety methods and practices company wide, to ensure a safe working environment for our staff, clients, and the public.